• it’s okay to eat
  • it’s okay to have fat, because it’s natural and it doesn’t make you ugly or unlovable
  • stretch marks, scars, moles, etc are totally ok
  • your body is wonderful exactly the way it is
  • please be kind to yourself
  • i love you so much

Jesy performing at Key 103 Live (Jul. 17th)


Think you might be overestimating my character.


it’s like the lizzie mcguire movie where taylor is lizzie and katy is paolo who tries to sabotage lizzie but instead it backfires and paolo ends up humiliated because he can’t even sing while lizzie sings about what dreams are made of

I feel like watching my dating life has become a bit of a national pastime, and I’m just not comfortable providing that kind of entertainment anymore. I don’t like seeing slide shows of guys I’ve apparently dated. I don’t like giving comedians the opportunity to make jokes about me at awards shows. I don’t like it when headlines read ‘Careful, Bro, She’ll Write a Song About You,’ because it trivializes my work. And most of all, I don’t like how all these factors add up to build the pressure so high in a new relationship that it gets snuffed out before it even has a chance to start. And so, I just don’t date.


tbh if victoria lies in her f2 speech that she has had a master plan to throw every competition because she’s gotten herself in such a good spot that nobody has even considered getting rid of her and that she’s been on the block like 8 times and almost every time she’s come off & that caleb even gave her a veto for $5,000 she could potentially win and it would be so hilarious to watch them think she’s some sort of genius


im not crying there’s just overpriced college education in my eye